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Reports and Analysis for Warehouse Operations

  • Responsible for providing accurate information about warehouse, activities, inventory, conducts and attends meeting.
  • Ensures that inventory is updated in terms of virtual (SAP) and actual counting including the transfer of stocks for all hubs.
  • Reviews and submits Report on near to expire BOB products at least 3 months prior expiry and  forecast of deliveries for approval of the Manager – FWA and Director, Inflight Catering & Sales

Warehouse Management

  • Supports 5J’s Inflight Catering and Sales (ICS) department’s materials replenishment, inventory management process
  • Ensures adequate stocks for all catering supplies replenishment, BOB, and equipment
  • Supervises Warehouses in other 5J Hubs, Customs Bonded Warehouse to provide support, guidance, and ensuring compliance to Warehouse policies and procedures
  • Conducts continuous monitoring of stocks for FIFO, stacking height limit, pallets, and storage according to HACCP’s standards and deadlines
  • Ensures records (non-conforming products, Delivery Receipts) are intact prior to audit or any relevant reviews.
  • Conducts training of incoming or new warehouse personnel. This includes monitoring and evaluation of staff performance

Management Support

  • Make the company’s values and management live in the department
  • Ensure that operations are conducted in accordance with conditions and restrictions of CEB Air Operator Certificate (AOC), and in compliance with applicable regulations, statutory, and company policies of procedures. Designs and implements effective and efficient solutions of underlying safety concerns/safety findings/safety observations and encourages staff participation in developing mitigating actions
  • Establishes the daily activities and staff schedule to ensure all activities and daily operational requirement are covered
  • Ensures all securities are enforced within the section and implement as approved by the Department Head
  • Provides data and develops an annual business plan & budget for the Warehouse in Manila and other hubs
  • Responsible coaching and mentoring of Warehouse Personnel, Disciplinary Action and preparing corrective action for the approval of            ICS Manager – FWA
  • Recommends allocation of human, technical, financial or any other resources, as necessary for the effective and efficient performance of the SMS
  • Should actively participate in the promotion of quality and safety by complying with regulatory requirements, government laws, acceptable industry standards, ISO 9001:2008 Standards as well as company policies and procedures. Also responsible for reporting of all hazards identified in the workplace and any incidents, accidents or injuries which may occur
  • Perform other tasks as maybe assigned by the ICS Manager – FWA and Director, Inflight Catering & Sales.

Safety Management System

  • For detailed responsibilities in connection with the SMS, refer to SMSM 3.50 – Safety Accountabilities (Staff).

Security Management System

  • For responsibilities in connection in SeMS, refer to CPSP Appendix IX-C Risk Tolerability Criteria


Job Segment: ERP, Warehouse, Law, SAP, Compliance, Technology, Manufacturing, Legal

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