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Senior Treasury Analyst


Reports directly to the Treasury Manager and shall be assigned to handle various (one or more) Treasury-related responsibilities like Fund Management, Account Management and Cash Operations


2.1. Fund Management
2.1.1. Ensures there are no unaccounted debit transactions in the accounts by immediately coordinating and resolving with banks through reviewing the downloaded daily bank statements and coordination with the bank.
2.1.2. Daily ensures that details in the prepared checks and letter of authorizations are correct by reviewing ang matching the details in the prepared checks and letter of authorizations are the same as the details posted in SAP and summary request for payment report.
2.1.3. Daily ensures that accounts are funded for the scheduled disbursements for the day by reviewing the funding request report and if disbursement are paid just in time.
2.1.4. Daily ensures that time critical transactions are facilitated, completed on time and authorized according to the authorized matrix by reviewing the supporting documents and monitoring report.
2.1.5. Daily ensures efficient utilization of cash by assisting in handling the day to day cash position of URC.
2.1.6. Provides proposed cash position for the day by analyzing the daily cash position report and liquidity report that will give highest return of investurn and/or lowest cost of borrowing.
2.1.7. Prepares monthly reports (cash transaction, variance analysis, yield tracker, cash balances, loan balances, FX exposures, etc.) for endorsement and release of Treasury Manager to users of the reports by reviewing and correcting the details, formulas and analysis prepared by the Senior Treasury Analyst.

2.2. Cash Operations
2.2.1. Ensures all collections transactions are validated and accurately recorded in the system in an agreed service level agreement by preparing the cash posting tracker.
2.2.2. Reviews daily bank reconciliation by ensuring that all reconciling items are immediately addressed, unposted collections are immediately posted, posted / noted item transactions for reversal are immediately reversed
2.2.3. Monitors on a daily basis those maturing PDCs for timely crediting to proper bank accounts
2.2.4. Coordinates with Sales, Aspen-AR, Controllers if there are any discrepancies
2.2.5. Monitors on a daily basis the bank statements if there are any bounced checks and debit memos. Coordinates with banks to verify.
2.2.6. Prepare Cash Operations Report (daily bank reconciliation, aging report, transaction count, etc.)

2.3. Cash Management
2.3.1. Assists in the documentation, reviewing of agreements, development, testing and implementation of outsourcing, automation, and process improvement project initiatives such as SWIFT, Auto-Bank Recon, and Deposit Referencing
2.3.2. Other tasks to be assigned relating to Cash Management

2.4. Account Management
2.4.1. Ensures documents are complete and accurate by reviewing the prepared bank documents for routing through coordination with Corporate Legal and Corporate Treasury
2.4.2. Monitors and ensures details of the Register of Bank Accounts are complete by facilitating the request for GL Account and housebank
2.4.3. Monitors and ensures details of the Registered Authorized Approvers by submitting the complete bank requirements for authorized approvers relating.

Job Segment: Bank, Banking, ERP, SAP, Business Process, Finance, Technology, Management