Data Privacy Consent Statement

In compliance with the requirements of Republic Act No.10173, also known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, its Implementing Rules and Regulations (collectively, the “DPA”), circulars of the National Privacy Commission (the “NPC”), including any amendments thereto, this is hereby executed to ensure that you are fully informed about how the Company uses your personal information and that you agree to the collection, use, processing, storage, retention, and disposal or destruction of your personal information.

Collection of Information
From the moment you applied or were referred for a position with the Company, the Company may have asked you to provide personal data, or may request for further information during your employment with the Company. Such data may cover personal information (including sensitive personal information), such as but not limited to:

a) Contact details, such as your name, home address, telephone numbers, e-mail address and contact details of others that you provide, such as who to contact in case of an emergency, details of your dependents and/or life assurance beneficiaries.
b)  Financial information relating to your compensation, benefits and retirement arrangements, such as details of your salary and any deductions, bank account, tax codes, tax identification number, social security number, Pag-Ibig and Philhealth numbers.
c)  Recruitment information, such as your resume or curriculum vitae, interview notes or application forms, job offer, background information and third-party references, NBI clearances, psychological/medical examination results, licenses and academic transcripts, certificates and/or diplomas.
d) Employment administration information, such as employment and career history, case records, photographs, employment contract and/or other agreements with the Company, performance information (including appraisals or other internal communication), attendance records, official business travel, skills records, training records, records of projects worked on, and/or termination/separation details.
e) Information about participation or involvement in any criminal, civil or administrative proceedings whether in relation to your position or not.
f) Information about access and attendance to premises and physical assets, such as security records about times of entry and exit.
g) Other information which you voluntarily provide in the course of application or employment that is necessary to hold or use for the purposes indicated below. (collectively referred to as “Personal Information”)

Your Personal Information may have been or may be collected directly or indirectly from you, or from third parties to which you have provided such information.
Use of Information by the Company
Your Personal Information is used for the following purposes:

a)  Administration of employee-related activities and benefits, such as but not limited to recruitment; payment of salaries; provision of sickness and maternity benefits; assessment and training; timekeeping; staff and duty travel; monitoring of compliance with Company policy; performance management; advancement planning; and communication.
b) Planning and management activities, such as but not limited to scheduling, rostering, progress monitoring, and forecasting.
c)  Support services, such as but not limited to, security (including use of security cameras, access to the building/parking), office administration, marketing, finance and legal (including bringing and defending suits) functions.
d) Record keeping and databases purposes, so that the Company may perform its obligations as employer.
e) Conduct of market research, profiling and data analysis so that it may improve on any products/services/facilities offered to you.
f) Reporting as may be required by law.
g) Data sharing with the Company’s parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, and trusted partners for the above-mentioned purposes so they can inform you of their products, improve the products/services/facilities that they offer to you, and/or cross-sell their products to you.
Storage and Processing of Information
Access to your information is only to those with a clear “need to know” for the purposes indicated above. Your information may be stored in paper or electronic formats in our data storage facilities or data servers. The Company has taken reasonable steps to safeguard your data by restricting who may access the same and by installing physical and electronic security systems.

The Company may disclose your Personal Information to a contracted third-party which the Company has appointed to provide services to or for the Company. In this circumstance, the third-party will be provided with your Personal Information only in order to carry out the function/s for which they have been appointed. The Company will ensure that your right to privacy is maintained and the third-party is itself subject to the requirements of the Data Privacy Act (as may be amended).

The Company will only store your information for as long as the purpose for collecting the same exists or as required by law, regulation, and our policies. Thereafter, it will destroy the same when retention is no longer necessary.
Disclosure of Information
Should the Company be requested and/or receive any request for disclosure of your Personal Information from the government or any regulatory agency, the Company shall ensure that there is a proper legal basis before making any such disclosure. Any disclosure other than what has been indicated herein shall only be done with your prior consent.
Retention of Information
The Company will retain your Personal Information during the term of your employment for the purposes indicated above. After the term of your employment (whether through resignation, retirement or termination), your Personal Information will be retained in compliance with applicable legal or regulatory requirements and archived as historical data of the Company. Your Personal Information shall be disposed of or destroyed as soon as the Company shall no longer need the same.

You may request for a copy of the information the Company holds about you, which the Company may provide in paper or electronic format, provided that it is given reasonable time to extract and reproduce the same in accordance with the circumstances surrounding said request. In case of any errors, you may request to have the necessary correction or removal made. Unless there are legal, practical and contractual reasons, rest assured the Company will process your request.

All requests or questions you may have about the Company’s Data Privacy policy as stated above can be coursed through the Company’s Data Protection Officer. Please go to the Contact Us page or Privacy Statement page for the contact details.